Your benefits

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your press – that is why we have reduced the setup time drastically, giving you maximum uptime. Combine your press with various inline finishing capabilities and produce as much as possible, with idle times kept to a minimum.

With the AccurioPress C6100 series automatically adjusting the print quality on the fly, you can be sure to always produce the quality you and your customers expect – from page 1 to page 100 or 1000, today and again tomorrow. Registration is perfectly accurate over the entire print run, as it is monitored and corrected as required – all to make sure that your customers come back to you but not your products!

We place great importance on empowering you to grow your business with our solutions. Our new system can for example help you with a huge variety of supported media, from thin to thick paper, embossed paper, envelopes, as well as polyester and cut-sheet labels – to name but a few.

Our new generation of true production systems has been designed to increase the uptime of your press and print more in less time. Their range of new features enables you to produce more higher-value print products faster. With the new Integrated Color Care Unit, you achieve the desired print quality every time, job by job and day by day. And with the high productivity and versatile automation, you meet today’s demands of short-run production and short turnaround in the most efficient way.

Simply efficient

Integrated Color Care Unit

Konica Minolta’s newly developed Integrated Color Care Unit achieves higher quality and more reliable consistency. With it, you increase your uptime, improve customer loyalty, optimise your budget and ultimately enhance the competitiveness of your entire printing business.


  • Simply efficient with the Integrated Color Care Unit
  • Perfect image quality with Konica Minolta’s unique toner and processing technologies
  • Highest reliability with metal-based construction
  • Durable performance with high print speed and productivity
  • Ready-made print products with many inline finishing options
  • Ease of use and short learning curves due to intuitive operation
  • Sophisticated media handling with high capacities and broad variety of supported media